Useful information

Havana Overview
Havana is the capital city of the Republic of Cuba and is the economic, political and cultural center of the country.  It has a population of 2,5 million.
Among its highlights are the harbor, the seawall along part of its coastline, an eclectical architecture spanning from colonial-time fortresses to public buildings and mansions of  classic, baroque, Moorish, neoclassic and modern style.  The historical part of Old Havana, Heritage of Mankind, is in harmonious contrast with a modern city full of life and in continuous economic, social and cultural development, with schools, universities, museums, art galleries, hospitals, health and sport facilities which are at the service of all its citizens and visitors.

The average temperature is 25° Celsius (19° lowest and 30° highest).  Summer weather prevails and the island is cooled by the Gulf streams.  There are beautiful beaches very close to the city.  The famous Varadero beach, one of the world’s best, plus hundreds of tourist attractions around the country are only 140 km to the east.


Visa permits
Travelers need a visa permit or a tourist card to travel to Cuba.  Visa permits may be requested from any Cuban Embassy or Consulate at least 45 days prior to  the date of travel.

The participants who require an Invitation Letter to make the necessary travel arrangements can request one from the Organizing Committee.


Currency  and credit cards

CUC cash
Credit cards: VISA, MASTER CARD and CABAL (USA credit cards will not  be accepted)
Persons wishing to acquire convertible pesos with U.S. dollars in cash will have to pay a 10% surcharge as compensation for the costs and risks to the national economy originating with the handling of U.S. dollars as a consequence of the U.S. government measures.

The remainder of hard currencies exchangeable in Cuba: the euro, Canadian dollar, GBP sterling and Swiss francs can be exchanged for Cuban convertible pesos without any tax whatsoever, taking international market exchange rates as a reference point and always considering one convertible peso as equal to one U.S. dollar.
Operations made with credit cards accepted in Cuba, whether for the realization of payments or cash withdrawals can continue as is the case to date without any 10% surcharge